I was happily reading a book just now, while my sister was giggling about something over the internet, when a big cockroach with long antennaes flew over us and landed on the curtain near my bedside window. I didn't know how we managed to get out of the room so fast. I think we flew also. We went and get the fly swat and tried to coax the cockroach out of the curtain so we could kill it (which I doubt we could do, coz we're both afraid of it - but.. we're not sleeping with 'it' in the room, so..), when it flew again and landed on my bathrobe. Me and my sister flew out of the room again. Our shrieks and commotion out in the hallway woke our dad. He got angry when he found out we're making such ruckus over a cockroach. I had to beg him to kill it. =s Now I can't read, and I have a feeling I also won't be able to sleep later. Paranoid much..
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